Ball busting stories


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This is it, dude! Emma always called the biggest set of nuts, as if she was the only woman of the four that wanted to be responsible for the most pain and damage. Dangling beneath were two obscenely large, round balls dangling in their shaved sacks.

Ball busting stories

Archie and Lance's bodies were terrifically chiseled and their rock hard pecs and abs were covered in red hair that was slightly longer than the last time Zach had seen them. He had never been this close to his sister's lovely feet before and was almost dizzy with passion. His seed was splattered all over the ball of her foot and oozed down her bare sole.

Ball busting stories

Ball busting stories

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It was too much for Archie. It was en slipping it into the g-string of an segment dancer.

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  1. Paulson instructed Kamran and Quinn to stand in front of Archie and Lance, respectively, holding a kettle ball. What an easy way to make a fucking buck!

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