Bait and switched


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Rule changes are also proposed the bait to meet legal requirements for public notice and mandated public hearings, then different rules are proposed at a final meeting the switch , thus bypassing the objective of public notice and public discussion on the actual rules voted upon. It is called switch-selling in Britain.

Bait and switched

Any deceptive practice in which the information initially presented is found to be untrue. For example, I won't buy a car from this outfit; they're notorious for their bait and switch tactics.

Bait and switched

Bait and switched

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  1. What happened to the one that was on sale? It suggests that the seller will not show the original product or service advertised but instead will demonstrate a more expensive product or a similar product with a higher margin.

  2. The live performances were not shown often, and no doubt some viewers considered it a bait and switch.

  3. In Canada, this tactic is illegal under the Competition Act.

  4. While not strictly illegal, the political objective is to get legislation or rules passed without expected negative community review. The bar really sells 11 dishes for the advertised price at lunch.

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