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The email was sent a few days after I registered with badoo. Lately, one of the reasons why users have been massively ditching the dating-focused social network because of a recent data breach [3] that reportedly victimized over million accounts.

Badoo homepage

If you won't log into the account within 30 days, it will be removed permanently. However, the registration is shady.

Badoo homepage

Badoo homepage

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  1. Badoo scams are widely spreading via emails.

  2. However, the registration is shady.

  3. A guide on how to remove Badoo profile Uninstall now! I already found a friend in real life and no longer need that profile.

  4. The letter includes a link that redirects to a website where people are supposed to create Badoo account in order to read a message. It means that some malicious software might be using the name of this file to infiltrate your computer and silently perform tasks in the background.

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