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Hyer said about 10 or 11 years ago his company would copy ads from the adult section of Craigslist and other sites, repost them on Backpage. The Pittsburgh-based software company says online sex ads have rebounded less than a year after government crackdowns fractured the nation's online sex-for-hire industry by shutting down its most notorious platform. This worked for her.

Backoage seattle

But for everyone else, she told them to look her up on Backpage—she was easy to find—and give her a call. According to Pittsburgh-based software company Marinus Analytics, there were about , online sex ads posted per day in the U. Online classified services give sex workers an opportunity to vet their clients first—and they allowed sex workers to trade information with each other about who to trust and who to avoid.

Backoage seattle

Backoage seattle

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This lone may not be used, broadcast, generated or redistributed. She by its numbers, and ignored my calls.

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  1. There has been a sustained effort on the part of anti-sex work campaigners to conflate human trafficking with sex work, despite the fact that not all sex workers are victims, and many sex workers are just like L, who chose to work in this trade. In the past, a rural law enforcement agency might take a family photo of a sex trafficking victim and comb through ads posted on Backpage, searching for a match.

  2. When police found a year-old girl at a Las Vegas motel in September, she was hundreds of miles from her Texas home and had been sold for sex in numerous online ads, according to federal court records.

  3. But for everyone else, she told them to look her up on Backpage—she was easy to find—and give her a call. As for double counting ads, Kennedy said the company has a process to determine if a website has a high number of ads that are not legitimate.

  4. According to documents unsealed on Monday, the two, along with five other Backpage employees, have been indicted on 93 charges, including conspiracy to commit money laundering and facilitate prostitution.

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