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But whichever companies win, they will have to help the various agencies make the transition from one provider to another, a process that was difficult when the government last bid its telecom work for FTS More bad news comes from vaccine trials in non-human primates.


Those same teams are bidding for the enterprise contract, but an additional team led by Level 3 is also bidding for it. Who's likely to win Networx Universal?



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  1. One out of eight immunised rhesus monkeys died as the challenge virus mutated and escaped from the CTL.

  2. Within the human host, recombination with human genes would promote chromosomal rearrangements and formation of aberrant immunoglobulins, leading to inadequate immune responses. The envelope glycoprotein, gp of HIV-1, is similar to the region of human immunoglobulins that binds antigen, a crucial feature of the immune response.

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