Assertive vs aggressive communication


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He realizes that direct confrontation will only lead to further frustration, so he is determined to smile while demonstrating his anger in other ways. Even though he knew he could go back on vacations, the distance was changing relationships forged in childhood. They can be passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, or assertive.

Assertive vs aggressive communication

The assertive communicator understands that every person in a conversation or relationship is valued. If confronted, they will not acknowledge that there is an issue. In passive-aggressive behavior, one person feels that they have been wronged in some way, but they also feel powerless.

Assertive vs aggressive communication

Assertive vs aggressive communication

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  1. Passive communicators will not speak up for themselves no matter what the situation is. Feeling relaxed Speaking calmly.

  2. People acting in a passive-aggressive manner will use different means of communication in an attempt to, in small ways, undermine the person they see as an authority figure.

  3. They can be passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, or assertive. In broad terms, there are four ways in which people communicate.

  4. Even if you are angry, by keeping your voice calm, it is more likely the other person will listen to you. Stan resents the fact that his mother moved their family, for the betterment of the family, but he feels powerless to confront her about it.

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