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Maslow places the sexual act at the base of this pyramid, as a basic, natural and physiological need, disregarding the complexity of the human being, refusing to analyze the individual from a holistic, historical, social and cultural perspective and reducing them solely to the biological dimension [ 3 ]. Given how much criticism gay people get from society, why would someone want to "opt to be gay"? I felt vacated and bored until it was over and the time came to talk.

Asexuality fake

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Asexuality fake

Asexuality fake

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  1. Or women may be more likely to participate in the kinds of communities where asexuals gather online. This portal has its forum composed of 71, members in the United States US and in dozens of other countries [ 11 , 13 ].

  2. Amid this scenario, there is need for the production of further studies to aid in the elucidation of relevant and intrinsic issues to the complexity of asexual universe, as well as to fulfill the lack of scientific data related to the theme and that can contribute to the deconstruction of an essentialist, biological and reductionist paradigm of sexuality and sexual desire.

  3. I think all three have always been true. According to AVEN, asexuality is understood as the sexuality of individuals who do not experience sexual attraction.

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