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Of these five, one was an ac-line unit and four were RF assemblies. The maximum measured output of this antenna was A through a ohm resis- tor for a maximum pulse level of Offers of assistance have been received from individual hams outside of the state.

Arrl emp

He was the son of missionary parents who have served in the Philippines since Power-Source Transient Injection Power for the systems in the test chamber was provided by an isolated gen- erator that would prevent interaction with the pulser and data links used in the experi- ment. These tests were designed to find a low-cost solution to the transient-protection require- ments of the radio systems under test.

Arrl emp

Arrl emp

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  1. Then the ratio of fluxes on June 11 versus those measured on June 10 was formed.

  2. EMP--a high-voltage wave of electromagnetic energy--already is known to be a side effect of a thermonuclear explosion.

  3. We suspected that the coaxial cable was arcing.

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