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Because of its liquid nature, it can add extra body parts, such as eyes or mouths around its body and reshape itself into a limitless number of forms; some of these forms it has taken include a flower, a moth and a giant sphere. Anytime he meets Ragna he becomes obsessive in his desire to consume the Azure, often only saying "AzureAzureAzureAzure" when around Ragna.


His dialogue between many characters, as well as his Arcade Mode ending, suggest that it was the power and knowledge he obtained from the Boundary that gradually turned him into what he is, and notably according to his Arcade Mode ending he doesn't seem to have noticed that he's changed, and to him, his bizarre speech is completely normal. Claiming itself as the "Azure Grimoire," he? In order to maintain its existence it requires a large amount of vitality, which it obtains through attacking humans and Kaka.



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