Aquarius girl pisces boy


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We live pretty far away from each other, but were both willing to do what we can to see each other. Contrary to what "compatability" states, he is much more adventurous than I in all spectrums of a relationship.

Aquarius girl pisces boy

And every now and then each time I see her deep down inside I feel I'm regaining my strength back. Pisces would have to be completely silent, uninvolved, feminine and reactive. I am totally crazy about her.

Aquarius girl pisces boy

Aquarius girl pisces boy

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  1. In short, this is a relationship match between Aquarius and Pisces that can go one of two ways, and seldom muddles into any stagnant middle ground.

  2. But if the mother constantly changes her mind, then her child can spend the whole day trying to finally solve something, because she is very afraid to upset her relatives if his decision turns out to be wrong. Through the connection of heart and mind, tremendous potential exists for these two-star signs to become lightworkers capable of illuminating even the darkest nights of the soul.

  3. Im an aqua women and I dated this Pisces man for a lil over three months, and I gotta tell you, that saying is true "it was over quicker than it started" or something like that, I only blame myself, Pisces men are the sweetest guys, and maybe I could have been a lil more open with him maybe this could have lasted a day longer.

  4. Pisces begins to feel that the only way of making the relationship work is withholding the emotions that made them so appealing to the Aquarius in the first place. He's adventurous and love making is never boring.

  5. The closer the relationship, the higher the chance that it will remain strong and enduring. The Piscean man's ability to be a good listener plays a very vital role in this relationship.

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