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Were both girls awake? Growing up, my absolute favorite show was the original Unsolved Mysteries. Could she have been coached?


The family could not recall knowing anyone who owned a brown truck, and the man remains unidentified to this day. She has scars on her knee and lip. But when Penny later woke up at 7 AM, she found that Anthonette was missing.



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  1. None of her neighbors had seen Anthonette, however, and a search around the neighborhood turned up nothing. Anthonette, where are you?

  2. Otherwise, he would be taking a huge chance that a little girl would answer and not a large man.

  3. Then, on April 12, , the Gallup Police Department received a disturbing call from a young girl claiming to be Anthonette.

  4. Was the diner sighting accurate? She started to panic after checking with every single person in the neighborhood and nobody saw her.

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