Animal rescue redlands qld


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Legacy animals that have had their owner pass away and are awaiting adoption. Black tag animals that are awaiting the outcome of a court case. Animals that have to be evacuated immediately from an emergency situation e.

Animal rescue redlands qld

Black tag animals that are awaiting the outcome of a court case. Our greatest need at the moment is for carers who want to foster medium to large sized adult dogs, who have ft fences, no young children and no dogs in the home or maybe one well-socialised medium to large sized dog of your own. Animals that need a safe haven while a domestic violence situation is dealt with.

Animal rescue redlands qld

Animal rescue redlands qld

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  1. One of the most rewarding experiences for these carers is seeing a previously uncared-for animal finding who they are and learning to trust once again. Convalescing animals that need some time to recover from illness or injury before being available for adoption.

  2. Animals with behavioural problems who need some form of rehabilitation before being considered suitable for adoption. Further, if you are signing on to foster kittens, please be aware that outside of cat breeding season the cooler months , there are relatively few kittens who require foster care.

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