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The last baby was a natural water birth with Jenny at Andaluz water-birthing center. We asked if the sangria had fruit in it and were told that it did, the "fruit" came on a stick dropped into the sangria.

Andaluz salem oregon

Jenny handed me Ramses and I was allowed to hold him in sheer joy and relief. Those two restaurants have never disappointed me, but Andaluz made me sad on my birthday. On the other hand, my experience with a natural water birth was amazing, despite the lack of any pain medication.

Andaluz salem oregon

Andaluz salem oregon

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  1. The setting was cold and uninviting.

  2. We ordered clams, squid, kale and squash on crostini, potatoes, bread, and the olive plate.

  3. That moment will stick with me forever, and be kept close to my heart. Amazing service, easy-to-find location, great clams, comfortable atmosphere.

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