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The supernatant was diluted appropriately, and the fluorescence was measured using a Shimadzu RF spectrofluorometer at the appropriate excitation and emission wavelengths. The isolated tissues were mounted in modified Ussing chambers with the scleral surface facing the donor side and the vitreal surface facing the receiver side.


In live animals, the 20 nm particles were undetectable in any of the ocular tissues except in the sclera-choroid following periocular administration; however, in dead animals, the particle concentrations in the sclera-choroid were 19 fold higher than those in live animals, and particles were detectable in the retina as well as vitreous. In vitro permeability of nanoparticles The in vitro permeability studies were performed across sclera and the sclera-choroid-RPE isolated from bovine eye as previously described [ 16 ]. We also examined the limiting role of static and dynamic physiologic barriers [ 13 ] to the entry of the nanoparticles into the intra-ocular tissues after periocular administration.



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  1. The eye was then cut along the geometric axis then the vitreous and neural retina were separated.

  2. No detectable transport was seen across the sclera-choroid-RPE combination. Among these systems, the particulate systems offer several advantages including ease of repeated injections and biodegradability.

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