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Jim Kulesa with the sheriff's office said DC had been in a safe room inside the attic and the door was locked. Mine would not play without the forced update. We are especially grateful to law enforcement from Lonoke County and Cabot for their help during the search today.

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Please continue to pray for DC and for his family. Moreover, this user-friendly book contains numerous tables and explicit estimates, with reasonable constants when possible, which make it a useful reference even for established mathematicians generally familiar with the subject. Follow us on social media, get access to all our other unique content, features and more!

Alice 107 7

Alice 107 7

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  1. There was an outpouring of support from thousands of fans on social media plus close friends and family waited outside his home for hours. In a nutshell, asymptotic geometric analysis investigates quantitative properties of convex sets, or other geometric structures, and their approximate symmetries as the dimension becomes large.

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