Agressive kissing


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French kisses are very intimate because not only do the lips caress, but so do the tongues of both the kissers. Less intimate kisses consist of a kiss or peck on the cheek; there is no meeting of lips and certainly no tongue. It is usually harder and may leave bruises, playfully called hickeys on the recipient.

Agressive kissing

Aggressive kisses may lead to foreplay. French Kiss The French kiss is a passionate smooch between two romantically-involved individuals.

Agressive kissing

Agressive kissing

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  1. Playful kisses involve kissing all over the face or body, which can be done to express love to children or to a partner. An all over kiss is a series of gentle kisses that take place all over the recipient.

  2. Playful Kisses Playful kisses can be platonic or passionate, but they are always intimate. These types of kisses can be used for foreplay to arouse the recipient.

  3. French kisses are very intimate because not only do the lips caress, but so do the tongues of both the kissers.

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