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Share on WhatsApp Editor's Note: Are there plans to return to Ooo somewhere down the line on TV, either with a spin-off, sequel series, the comics, or in a different medium?

Adventure time on hulu

In its final season, Adventure Time saw war brewing in the Land of Ooo, with Princess Bubblegum's evil Uncle Gumbald leading a rogues' gallery of villains against Princess Bubblegum in an attempt to take over the Candy Kingdom, with Finn and Jake desperate to avoid a war and working to defuse the situation. I really — ugh, that would be my nightmare, if this was the first episode somebody watched. Season 10 has been added to hulu!

Adventure time on hulu

Adventure time on hulu

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  1. I'll just wait for it all to be online," now's your chance. Elements of it, definitely.

  2. It also makes it hard to reboot, I think. Well, hey, if that's the peak, it's a good peak.

  3. Definitely Simon and Ice King sort of as a question, because that had been set up over multiple episodes — would he ever be cured — so that felt like something that needed to be addressed, and along with that, sort of what happened to Betty. Most of Finn and Jake's friends and allies are strange characters.

  4. So far I've just been helping out on other shows.

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