Aarp membership benefits worth it


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Think of the widespread demographics that marketing strategy would yield! You can find plenty of sites that track senior discounts. Members get a discount with several traditional rental car companies, as well as a 30 percent discount on Zipcar memberships.

Aarp membership benefits worth it

Will you help me if I starve? Nobody I know who's over 50 is retired. If that isn't annoying enough, I am deluged by your constant emails and postal reminders proclaiming all the wonderful AARP discounts I can get.

Aarp membership benefits worth it

Aarp membership benefits worth it

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  1. Some examples on savings: Even when AARP was founded in , most people didn't retire at

  2. Really not worth the money. However, make sure the discounted fares, whether you find them through AARP or elsewhere, are the lowest available for your chosen flights.

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