Aa meetings mechanicsburg pa


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I knew I had a problem but would not admit it; I moved to Pennsylvania and my problems moved with me. I started drinking when I was 18; right away I knew I found a way to escape reality and feel better about myself.

Aa meetings mechanicsburg pa

Each patient receives individualized treatment based on his or her specific needs for recovery. Our late service I knew there was no hope for me if I stayed in that area.

Aa meetings mechanicsburg pa

Aa meetings mechanicsburg pa

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  1. Truly something for everyone. Taize Worship is held on the 4th Wednesday of each month in the Phillips Chapel at 7pm.

  2. You will find friendly greeters willing to answer your questions. What else is happening on Sundays?

  3. Is this restaurant good for brunch? It is perfectly acceptable for your children to be in worship with you.

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