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Let us remind you next time similar jobs get posted. Assist in updating student and instructor records, student counseling, and administrative duties in support of the ODS Assist in training development by providing immediate feedback within three days of instruction and assist in updating technical content of lesson material Participate as a subject matter expert in developing revisions of the POIs, lesson plans and training support packages to remedy any deficiencies or shortcomings identified during the preparation for and conduct of instruction. The one that would pay the most would probably be 15U because of the skills required.

91c mos

You have to think about what is best for you because when you get your discharge, it will not be any different from a guys discharge who was combat arms. Rambo down there because he will be owned by someone who has a good job when he becomes a civilian. I have known soldiers who have been in combat jobs and those who have been combat service and those who have been combat service and support and most of those who had good jobs in the military ended up with good jobs on the outside.

91c mos

91c mos

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  1. Make sure that you use your gi bill.

  2. I would probably not pick small arms or artillery repairer because there is not as much civilian use for these.

  3. Specific duties may include, but are not limited to: It is just the way it works.

  4. Don't listen to Mr.

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