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These polyphosphazenes are made by polymerizing a P-trisubstituted-N- silylated phosphinimine in the presence of an initiator. When to use the PD-scan tag. It has been found that the relative concentration of the initiator affects the molecular weight of the polymer.


Tetraalkyl ammonium halides are particularly preferred. The polymerization of the present invention may be carried out in the presence of an organic solvent but such solvents are not required.



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  2. The optimum concentration of initiator will depend upon the desired molecular weight of the product polymer, the desired reaction time and temperature and upon whether chain transfer agents or endcapping agents are present in the polymerization mixture. It has been found that the relative concentration of the initiator affects the molecular weight of the polymer.

  3. There are two main approaches to making polyphosphazenes which are currently being used.

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