22re engine rebuild


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I suggest getting a header, here is some info on the header I bought. This job took me longer then expected because I was waiting for parts from LCE took about 2 weeks longer. Now its all shiny inside.

22re engine rebuild

Bolt your EFI plenum on, throttle body here is some info on the bored throttle body I bought , and header. Put your rocker assembly on there is some debate on whether or not you need new rocker arms, I asked the guys at Engine Builder and they said you only need to replace the valve adjusters and or nuts, but if you feel the need, then go for new rockers.

22re engine rebuild

22re engine rebuild

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  1. Check here for more info. I like it a lot, it gives the 4 cylinder a nice tone especially exiting through 2.

  2. Only remove the components that need to be taken off in order for the engine to be lifted out.

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