1950s prom dress


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Many girls chose ballerina length, although often obscured by an enormous bouquet as they were also popular. My idea of vintage:

1950s prom dress

Since more and more teens were purchasing clothing, manufacturers of clothes began to cater to their desires more. Prom gowns from the s often reflect the hippie chic of the era, and gowns from the 80s?

1950s prom dress

1950s prom dress

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  1. All about elegance and grace -- think Jackie O as an inspiration. Wartime clothing was fairly conservative because of rationing on natural materials.

  2. Within a few days I was swirling around the shop cooing at its prettiness. A tea dress is safe, it is girly and floaty but more appealing is the fact there is hardly any other dress which can honestly be said to suit well almost all women.

  3. If you go for a retro prom dress, chances are, you'll be the only one wearing that particular gown.

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