1000cc crotch rocket


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All of our used sport bike crotch rockets are late model certified pre-owned motorcycles. Although our used crotch rockets are cheap in price, they are high in quality. This beautiful motorcycle from Italy was powered by a stunning masterpiece of an engine engineered by Massimo Tamburini himself.

1000cc crotch rocket

Fearful of an import ban to Europe for fast, large displacement motorcycles, the main manufacturers got together and informally agreed to limit the performance of their production crotch rockets to a top speed of no greater than mph there and abouts and a maximum power output not exceeding hp. This one should be a controversial entry because while the Hayabusa is unquestionably one of the most innovative and important crotch rockets ever built, it also caused a whole decade of design stagnation thanks to its outrageous performance statistics. Our selection of used sport bikes or crotch rockets is second to none.

1000cc crotch rocket

1000cc crotch rocket

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  1. All of our used sport bike crotch rockets are late model certified pre-owned motorcycles.

  2. Some of these revolutionary sports bikes brought sophisticated aerodynamics to the table, others championed the use of innovative on board technology, but they all managed to take the idea of speed to the next level.

  3. We can get you financed to buy and ride with any type of credit history,.

  4. The first Ninja, the first real crotch rocket, and definitely a game changer.

  5. We carefully inspect each bike and make sure that everything is working just as it's supposed to so you can ride knowing that before you buy your sport bike from us, that it meets the highest standards for a used motorcycle.

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